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Now that’s what we call daycare!

Choosing the right daycare for their child is one of the most difficult decisions parents will ever have to make. After the maternity leave, it’s back to work or the parents, which means the child is separated from its parents for first time for such a long period. In finding the appropriate nursery school, the welfare of the child is top priority. Parents feel reassured if they are confident that their child is being cared for in a loving environment.

In order to continuously improve the feel-good factor and the quality of daycare, Globegarden (provider of pre-schools, day nurseries, and nursery schools) focuses on the development of quality management. In order to achieve the best results possible, a TÜV-certification was sought out and parents were asked to fill out questionnaires. The opinions of parents were collected using the online survey tool Feedbackstr. Globegarden has received constructive feedback and other important information which otherwise would remain unknown; information that can be used for the development of their concept. This method ensures top interaction between nursery school teachers and parents, which results in childcare shaped around the children’s needs.

Quality management in Swiss nursery schools

In a short interview, Christina Mair (one of three managing directors) tells us about her experience using Feedbackstr in Globegarden Childcare centers in Switzerland.

Feedbackstr: Can you tell us a little about Globegarden Childcare?

Christina Mair: Globegarden is a charitable, non-profit provider of pre-schools, day nurseries, and nursery schools. In 2010, the organization was awarded the integrity prize by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. It is also a member of “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” (an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs), “Kinderlobby Schweiz” (a children’s lobby in Switzerland), and the women’s organization “Alliance F.” The provider is the first of its kind to be certified in 2011 for its quality management with a quality label. The pedagogical approach is characterized through early education at primary level along wtih character development. This approach takes the social, emotional, cognitive, and kinesthetic development into consideration.

globegarden nursery school wants feedback

                                 Children of Globegarden Childcare

Feedbackstr: How did you come across our tool?

Christina Mair: During an internet search.

Feedbackstr: How did you come up with the idea of carrying out a survey among parents?

Christina Mair: It is of utmost importance for us to listen to parents and we strive to constantly improve our concept. We normally implemented long, detailed parent surveys. With Feedbackstr, we are able to carry out surveys at more regular intervals and introduce an opinion barometer to parents. This brings us even closer to our goal. Moreover, parents can complete the survey on their mobile device of choice within just a few seconds. This factor led to a 60% response rate for our very first survey.

Feedbackstr: How well were you able to operate Feedbackstr (e.g. creating your questionnaire, settings, and review page)?

Christina Mair: Very well. The support provided by Denise Winkler was extremely helpful when I didn’t know what to do next.

Feedbackstr: How did you go about creating your survey?

Christina Mair: I simply created it, distributed it, and waited for feedback.

Feedbackstr: How did the parents react to the survey (willingness to participate…)?

Christina Mair: The response was unbelievable – almost 60%! We’ve never had such a high response rate!

Feedbackstr: Congratulations on achieving that response rate! Did you choose to publish the results? If yes, where did you publish them and who was able to view them (ex. parents, teachers, other employees…)?

Christina Mair: Yes we did. After deactivating the survey, we published the results direct on our website for everyone to see.

Feedbackstr: What did you do with the results? Or what do you still intend to do with them?

Christina Mair: The results enabled us to open up a dialogue to our parents.

Feedbackstr: Was there anything you found to be particularly difficult while working with

Feedbackstr (creating, implementing, evaluating)? Why?

Christina Mair: No, not really. Feedbackstr is very user-friendly!

Feedbackstr: How likely are you to use Feedbackstr for a future survey?

Christina Mair: 100% likely.

Feedbackstr: Would you like to give any advice to anyone wishing to carry out a survey but hasn’t quite got the confidence to do so?

Christina Mair: Just give it a go. You’ll be surprised at the results. We received some great results, which were a super means of showing our teams and organization how well they are appreciated.

Thank you for your feedback. We wish you further success with the tool and hope your receive many more responses for Globegarden Childcare.


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Ideal childcare: nursery school uses Feedbackstr for a parent survey.

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