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Welcome to Feedbackstr

Welcome to the Feedbackstr Survey Designer. Start now with building your own questionnaire and check out how it looks on different devices by using the preview.

If you want to use this questionnaire to collect feedback from your customers, activate the survey at the end of the questionnaire.

By activating the survey you will register for a Feedbackstr Free Account. The Feedbackstr Free Account is forever free of charge! You can upgrade later for premium features.

Enjoy using Feedbackstr!

Questionnaire title is required
Step 1: Add questionnaire title

Enter a short but significant title for your questionnaire.

Step 2: Write introduction text

Optionally, you can enter an introduction text for your customers. A warm welcome message or a short introduction to your questionnaire. You can format the text and add external links (can be done for all the text within the questionnaire)

Step 3: Add question title

Enter the question title here.

Step 4: Choose question type

Choose the proper question type. You can choose between 5 star rating, yes/no question, single and multiple choice, comment and email type.

Add another question Add another group Sort and group Finish sorting
You have added {{ surveyLength()}} questions
Step 6: Add more questions

Add further questions to your questionnaire or change the question order by drag´n drop.

The Thank you title is required
Step 5: Write thank you message

The thank you message text will be displayed to the respondents after submitting the questionnaire.

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