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  • Activate Trackers Immediately

  • Place at Important Touch Points

  • Get Actionable Feedback Fast

  • Review & Learn From Feedback

  • Manage & Improve

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Meet the Experts

I’m Susann, expert in tracker design. Let me show you what our 2-question touch point tracker looks like & why touch point trackers are so effective.

Keep things short & easy for customers with our touch point trackers. By including only 2 key questions, customers almost always find the time to fill them out, providing you with valuable feedback right away.

    • 5-star rating: Precise, visual, to the point. Customers give your service 1 – 5 stars based on their experience at specific touch points. Easy feedback – guaranteed.
    • Net Promoter Score: Discover how likely customers are to recommend you to friends & colleagues on a scale of 1 – 10. Use customer feedback to discover your strengths & inspiration for room for improvements.
    • Customers often leave specific comments & their contact information. These customers want you to get in touch with them – don’t miss out on this profitable chance!

Q & A with Susann

What keeps you fit?

The weekends! I’m a sucker for a great animated film and relaxing on the couch with a big bowl of chips or popcorn. I’ll never get tired of watching Disney’s “Up!”

What’s especially exciting about your work at Feedbackstr?

Helping Feedbackstr users get the most out of their results is extremely rewarding (for us & for our customers!) and definitely one of the most exciting parts of my job.

What are you passionate about?

I love reading crime & thriller novels.

Hi! I’m Marlen, expert in communication. Let me show you how to receive more valuable feedback than you ever have before with touch point trackers.

Feedback can be incredibly eye-opening, especially when it’s gathered at the right touch points. Benefit from detailed & specific feedback by choosing placements for trackers wisely.

Offline touch points: Find the answer to what customers really think about your physical locations.

    • Place flyers & posters leading to your trackers at the most important touch points
    • Use electronic tablets to attract customer attention where it matters

Online touch points: Strategically place trackers at online touch points to get results now!

  • Easily collect feedback on your website with our Feedbackstr easyShare plug-in
  • Benefit from even more fans and followers by incorporating trackers into social media profiles

Q & A with Marlen

What keeps you fit?

I'm kept pretty busy by the constant communication with colleagues in multiple languages. I view every conversation, translation, article, and website as a little puzzle for my brain. Nerdy, but true.

What’s especially exciting about your work at Feedbackstr?

The fact that you constantly discover new little bits & pieces of every team member (and customers!) in the ideas, features and design behind Feedbackstr.

What are you passionate about?

Traveling. As often as humanly possible.

My name is Daniel, expert in key account management. I’d be happy to show you how to gain real, valuable insight from customer feedback.

Feedbackstr’s innovative touch point trackers are as easy for customers to fill out as they are for businesses to evaluate. Start getting more out of your most valuable source of information.

  • Real time technology for immediate knowledge & quicker response times
  • User-friendly “Cockpit” for guaranteed customer insight at a glance
  • Built on reliable mobile first technology & accessible from wherever, whenever
  • View single locations one minute & the entire organization the next thanks to Feedbackstr’s organized structure

Q & A with Daniel

What keeps you fit?

Staying in motion! I'm constantly on the go - both professionally and privately. I'm always open for meeting new people, trying out new, exciting activities and exploring the unknown.

What’s especially exciting about your work at Feedbackstr?

Meeting all kinds of new and interesting people and coming up with the optimal solution for their individual needs together.

What are you passionate about?

Backpacking trips all over the world.

Hey there! I’m Marlen, expert in enterprise feedback management. I’d like to show you how to get everyone involved & make effective improvements as a team.

You no longer need to wonder why customers aren’t coming back because you’ll find all the answers you need here. Turn customer feedback into real actions & improve your business step-by-step.

  • Immediately discover what customers really want from your business & services
  • Incorporate employees by inviting them to view the feedback in your account
  • Use our internal ticket & to-do systems to assign tasks to all employees
  • Reduce reaction times & motivate employees to do even better
  • Improve your service quality to keep your customers happier & coming back

Q & A with Marlen

What keeps you fit?

Making new contacts & holding presentations is like a workout for body and mind for me. My work in sales requires a lot of that, but above all, it requires excellent products - which we definitely have.

What’s especially exciting about your work at Feedbackstr?

Working together with such a great team - especially when we have conflicting opinions! That’s when things really get exciting.

What are you passionate about?

Meeting new people, participating in deep philosophical and political debates, reading a good book, trying out a new spice, seeing a beautiful picture... I could go on for days.

I’m Katja, expert in long-term improvement. Let me show you how to monitor the effectiveness of the improvements you make & stay in the know.

Your customers have supplied you with all you need to know to make effective improvements to your business. The key to staying on top is keeping at it by monitoring results day by day.

  • Keep an eye on your performance by continuously receiving & monitoring feedback
  • Turn your customers into your most powerful endorsers (and receive even more feedback) by rewarding them with inexpensive coupons
  • Easily determine trends & compare to the results of local competitors
  • Precisely monitor the success of the changes and improvements you make

Q & A with Katja

What keeps you fit?

I try to stay away from pasta – too many carbs! ;-)

What’s especially exciting about your work at Feedbackstr?

The fact that we're able to offer our customers such a high-quality product at such a low price. We're commited to keeping Feedbackstr inexpensive and therefore accessible for every business owner.

What are you passionate about?

Making jokes. Can’t trick a trickster.