When creating your questionnaires, please do not forget that these are intended for use by other persons. We therefore advise you to take the following simple rules into consideration:

1. Avoid insults and discriminations:

Do not use any illegal or politically incorrect terms when creating your questionnaires. Survey participants should not feel discriminated against or offended, particularly not based on their political, religious or sexual orientation, nationality, origin, age or gender. Please also adhere to legal regulations.

2. Be careful with the use of irony:

In order to avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings, we advise you to abdicate from using irony.

3. Legibility:

To ensure that your questionnaire reads well, we advise you to respect correct orthography.

4. Copyright:

Any questionnaires created on your behalf, must be your original creations or permitted for public use.

5. Adherence to legal guidelines:

Feedbackstr will not tolerate questionnaires which violate any of the above stated rules of existing laws. Should a user not obey any of the rules, Feedbackstr is obligated to permanently remove the affected questionnaires.

We wish you a lot of enjoyment creating new questionnaires!

Your Feedbackstr Team

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