Where should you place your customer survey?

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What do your customers really take home with them?

Maybe their opinions about your food, their impression on the place you created for them, the interaction with your staff, the price on their bill, their leftovers, the paper cup they took to go, or just your flyers? There are many things your customers will remember about their experience with you. It can be something virtual or something physical you gave them to take home.

What’s important to you? What you would like them to remember you by? What do you want them to know about you? Obviously you would like to have them leave satisfied and also come back in the future, but it doesn’t always happen that way. If a customer doesn’t leave as happy as you’d like them to, it’s your primary goal to fix the problem. But to do so, you need a way to figure out what that problem was, just as much as you need to know what customers really appreciate about your service so you continue focusing on that aspect.

What really is convenience? What do customers want to take with them? A gift after a purchase? An ad about an upcoming deal? A voucher for the next visit? A comment card? Your personal touch on a take-away or shopping bag? Or simply just the bill and nothing else? Different types of customers want different things, and as the owner of your business, you know what complements your products or services best. Whatever it is, it’s important that it’s convenient, and not something bulky to carry or something they’ll read once and throw away right after they leave your business.

To keep you from investing in unnecessary materials and to save customers time, it’s imperative to optimize any available space and integrate further information and functions into something your customers really need. If you always provide your customers with a bill, you should use the prime real estate at the bottom to inform them of your survey. If your customers are always on the go and strapped for time, add a personal touch to your paper cup to catch their eye when they take a sip. You can also use the extra space on your flyers, vouchers, business cards, and other print advertisements to let them know that their opinion matters! All you need to do is add a short URL or a QR code to enable your customers to easily reach your survey on their own mobile phones, regardless of where they are. Just take a look around your business – there are lots of places that would work. There’s no need to invest in new materials.

Just make sure you’re not stuffing too much information onto a small space – too much clutter could backfire!

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Author: Trang Le 

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Where should you place your customer survey? 

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