Updated Incentive System, More Layout Options, Email Template & Other Additions

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We’ve been busy for the past few weeks developing new important updates and additional features for our Enterprise Feedback Management System. Let’s go ahead and take a deeper look at the new developments together.

Voucher/Incentive Program: New Web-Based Verification Method

Feedbackstr users are accustomed to using the Feedbackstr Reward Application on iOS and Android to verify vouchers, which are automatically sent through the Feedbackstr system to customers who submitted feedback. We have now developed a new web-based application at incentive.feedbackstr.com to also enable businesses without tablets to use the incentive verification system.

You can manage which employees are able to use the Reward App (on iOs and Android) on Feedbackstr’s Team page. On a side note – from now on, voucher codes will be 12 digits long. The old vouchers with 10 characters still work, though. 

More Survey Layout Options

Terminal mode: 5-star questions can now be displayed using only emoticons instead of using stars and emoticons together, providing users with even more choices for making their surveys clean & engaging.

Multiple page: When using certain types of questions, such as Yes/No, 5-star, or NPS, users now have the option to completely hide the “Next” button, meaning that after participants answer a question, the following question will be immediately triggered without requiring the button to be pressed in between. The “Next” button will also remain invisible until all mandatory questions have been answered. The red asterisks will therefore no longer have to be displayed next to the question title to mark the question as required. Moreover, users can now choose to disable the confirmation page, enabling customers to submit feedback without having to click on the “Send feedback” button after the last question is answered.

Question with image: An image can now be placed under or above a survey question (instead of always under the question).

Email Template: Consistent Email Layout for all Messages sent through the Feedbackstr System

Email templates can now be defined for an entire account and not by individual users, ensuring consistency in email design, including feedback invitations and  follow-up messages. This improvement will help users strengthen their brand recognition/awareness.

Further Small but Important Changes

From now on, enterprise users can reach the feedback list from the master cockpit by clicking on “See all customer feedback.” This list shows the total amount of customer responses from all sub-accounts (individual locations or stores) of the master account.

In addition, users will no longer receive a feedback reminder email. Instead, the Feedbackstr customer support team will remind customers personally to increase the response rate.

We hope the improvements we have introduced in this deploy will be helpful and make your business even more productive. Give our new recent updates a try and let us know what you think! We’re looking forward to your feedback.

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