Up In The Air

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Have you ever seen the movie “Up in the Air” with George Clooney? That’s how you can imagine my work schedule. I don’t have a Concierge Key Club card but due to my career I’m often on the go and have to sleep in hotels.

After a long journey, I look forward to a warm welcome, good service and a nice, clean room which I will call home for the next few days.

It’s often the case that I stay in the same hotel for several weeks at a time, only interrupted by a short break during which I can leave my suitcase at the hotel and look forward to finding it in my hotel room when I return.

But why does everything only run so smoothly every other time? George Clooney’s suitcase was always in the right room and the chocolate on his pillow was never missing.

He also probably doesn’t have to fill in annoying questionnaires and hope that the light in his bathroom works properly the next time he visits, instead of having a flickering bulb which causes him to have a headache.

For exactly that reason mentioned above, nobody can expect me to be able to remember everything about my visit two weeks later when I receive an email from the hotel – what did I like about the hotel? What didn’t I like? Did I sleep well? Did I enjoy the breakfast buffet?

I know that hotels are under immense pressure to offer special prices. Guests expect a top service at minimum price but nevertheless, we’d all still like to feel like George does, and not just every other time.

Save yourself the time and money sending me an email or letter after my stay at your hotel – instead give me the possibility to provide you with feedback no matter where I am.

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