Tips for creating mobile questionnaires

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Increasing digitization has in turn increased the demand among businesses for mobile solutions. In the area of customer surveys, paper and pencil surveys have become history. Nowadays it is common practice that everything is digitalized. The use of tablets and smart phones is on the increase, which brings with it many new possibilities for market and opinion research: the mobile questionnaire.

Mobile questionnaires are available any place any time!

Mobile surveys have the advantage that they can be completed regardless of time and location. A personal PC is no longer the only way to access surveys. The time spent on a train journey can be used, just as well as a lunch break or an airport stopover.
With mobile surveys, the appropriate moment can be chosen at which it is best to approach a customer, more specifically at a “point of interest” and in the “moment of truth”. This allows companies to gather feedback when it is most crucial.
Managing surveys and the evaluation of individual questions can be completed significantly quicker in comparison to paper questionnaires. This means a much shorter response time for companies. Counter measures in response to problems can be taken promptly, which in turn strengthens dialogue with the customer and sustains customer loyalty.

Advantages of a mobile survey

• Mobile questionnaires are much more cost effective in comparison to paper and pencil.
• They can be created digitally in minutes and carried out straight away.
• The results are available immediately (in real time).
• Modern survey tools have many possibilities to support the participant in completing the survey (e.g. a good user interface)
• In comparison to personal interviews, the participants tend to feel more anonymous and are therefore less prejudiced in their answers.
• A questionnaire can be completed any place any time.

Mobile questionnaires

Mobile questionnaires can be completed on the go using a tablet or smart phone.

Tips for creating mobile questionnaires

We recommend following tips for creating mobile questionnaires:

#1 Limit the response options to multiple and single-choice questions

Scrolling for ages to get to the bottom of the screen is annoying for everyone. It also means that half of the responses will have been forgotten by the time the user gets to the end. Hence the rule: only provide as many response options as can be viewed at once!
#2 Use question types which are ideal for mobile devices

In this case it’s advisable to avoid matrix questions. If need be, you can reword them in to multiple or single-choice questions. A smart phone screen doesn’t normally have enough room for a matrix question.
#3 Pay attention to the length and number of questions

Less is more! In comparison to PC surveys which sometimes take up to 30 minutes or more, long, one-sided surveys do not belong on a mobile device. The questionnaire needs to be designed in such a way to keep the attention of the user right through to the end of the survey; not forgetting the battery life of the mobile device. The first step is always the hardest – this also applies to creating your first questionnaire. For that reason, Feedbackstr provides you with a number of survey templates for different business types in order to give you helping hand in the right direction.
#4 Choose a survey tool which is right for you

Try out different providers, paying extra attention to font size, buttons, input fields and checkboxes. These need to be large enough on a smart phone that the user can select them with the touch of a finger.


#5 The font size must be appropriate for mobile phones

It’s often the case that a website is linked to a survey, which would mean the font is miniscule!


#6 A good survey cannot be created without a pre-test! For mobile surveys it is extremely important to carry out a test before the survey goes live!

It’s important that the surveys are appropriately designed for themost common end-user devices. Do the layout and font size seem ok? Does the survey work ok?


If you’re interested in mobile questionnaires, try it out yourself. Click here for our questionnaire editor.


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Tips for creating a mobile questionnaire: what do I need to be aware of? What are the advantages of digital surveys?

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