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QR codes have proven useful for sharing information in almost every industry. Those of us who are curious and want to know what is hidden behind these black and white squares, will need a smartphone or tablet computer complete with integrated camera and QR code scanner.

A QR code scanner is available in every major app store nowadays (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry). The multitude of QR code scanner apps is immense. But which scanner is fastest and easiest to operate and doesn’t have all the unnecessary frills and additional functions? The ideal QR code scanner for the average Joe smartphone user only needs to do one thing: quickly and simply scan QR codes.

QR codes can be put to use in many ways in our area of work. This is precisely why Feedbackstr has developed its own scanner app, the “Easy QR Code Scanner” – simple, straightforward and ad-free.

And here’s how it works

Step 1: open the App Store on your smartphone/tablet (Android | iOS)

Step 2: search for “Easy QR Code Scanner”

Step 3: select “Easy QR Code Scanner” and install for free


Appstore Scanner App

  Easy QR Code Scanner in Google Play store

Step 4: open the Easy QR Code Scanner and scan the QR code

With this app, you can scan as many QR codes as you like without annoying ads. The app automatically advises you as to how close you need to hold the camera to the QR code. For low-lighting conditions you can switch on the flash to improve scanning conditions.

QR-Code Scanner App

QR code scanner app with history

Every QR code which you scan using the app will be stored in the history. Should you have scanned a QR code while you were out somewhere, the URL will be stored here and you can open it later when it is more convenient.

scanner app with history

Test the Easy QR Code Scanner now

How it works scanner app

Have you already downloaded the Easy QR Code Scanner App? Then test it out now:

Feedbackstr QR code

    Test the Feedbackstr QR code

Did everything work ok? Then leave us feedback and let us know.

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