Starting the new year off right

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Feedbackstr is kicking off the new year with a new and improved logo in order to do our main focus – feedback – justice.

In keeping with the principles of the Ensó, one of the most commonly used characters in Japanese calligraphy, our logo symbolizes continuous growth and the power of the creative process. Our growth is attributed to the constant inflow of feedback – be it from customers, employees, partners, or friends. What makes the unclosed circle even more fitting is that it naturally depicts a speech bubble, once more reiterating our point of focus.


The new Feedbackstr logo


We at Feedbackstr aim to present you with the information you need in order to grow, change, and improve, just like we aim to improve and develop our service at Feedbackstr together with you.

That’s our ultimate principle and exactly what we want to live up to. Our logo is there to remind us every day of the most important part of our business – you.



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