Quality Management 2.0

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We’re all familiar with the chaos that dominates the run-up to the ISO 9001:2008 audit. Process descriptions must be adapted to be in line with current developments, any errors need to be listed, method descriptions noted, new topics added and closed topics documented.

Then comes the difficult part: have we already completed the management review? Have management been asked? What about the employees? Have all process parameters and KPIs been collected? And the most important factor – Have our customers been asked if they’re satisfied?

How can we simply and quickly measure our quality parameters?

That’s when you wish you’d carried out more continuous measurements. But that would have been too costly, the surveys would have taken up too much time and who knows if the management, employees and customers would have had the enthusiasm to complete the longwinded questionnaires, not to mention the effort required for the evaluation, and preparation of reports for the audit and certification.

We’ve been familiar with these processes for years, assist our customers in their measurements and undergo year after year the audit of processes for various different standards within the company.

Measurements often require a lot of effort. They seem to be topics which cause a lot of fuss for companies and are difficult to integrate in to day-to-day business.

The solution for quality managers

We have developed Feedbackstr, a fast, simple, affordable tool. With Feedbackstr we aim to give businesses a helping hand in measuring service quality, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction and provide them with standardised real time evaluations and reports.

feedbackstr costumer feedback cockpit

Cockpit – Quality Management

In just a few minutes you can create your questionnaires on the system and distribute them within your company either via email, intranet or your wiki. Alternatively you may choose to display the QR-code in your staffroom, various stores or other points of contact for your customers or employees. They can decide themselves when and how they submit their feedback, via smartphone, tablet or PC. For those who still prefer the traditional paper questionnaire, we offer a 24-hour digitization service.

table display for quality management

In practice: table display for Bosch’s quality management

As manager, quality manager or quality management representative you receive the results on a daily basis, displayed in real time in your management cockpit and dashboards for a more detailed analysis.

When certification day is approaching and everyone starts getting nervous, all you need to do is simply export your annual report containing the most important parameters of your quality management system and the audit can begin!

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Quality Management 2.0: How can we simply and quickly measure parameters? Continuous measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction.

author: Niels Delater

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