Patient satisfaction in your clinic

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Is patient satisfaction important to you? Would you like to know how your patients would rate waiting times in your clinic, the practice facilities, and the treatments available? Then we have the perfect solution for you: a digital questionnaire. You can create a patient survey for your clinic in less than 5 minutes when using Feedbackstr’s questionnaire templates. All you have to do is select the appropriate template.

Step 1: Select the questionnaire template for doctor’s practice

First off, all you need to do is select the template especially made for doctors’ offices. The appropriate template containing the most important questions for your patients will be loaded automatically. Our templates have been created by market research experts aimed at identifying and evaluating customer satisfaction.


questionnaire template patient survey

                                         Questionnaire template for clinics and hospitals

Step 2: Choosing questions for your questionnaire

Every survey should begin with a short introduction in order to get your participant interested.


introduction message

                                          Introduction/ Welcome message for patient survey


You also have the option to replace questions or add additional ones which you feel are important within every template. Make sure to keep your questions short, straightforward, and well articulated. For example, you can ask about:


      • waiting time / opening hours

How satisfied are your patients with the waiting times?

5-star rating with custom labels

5-star rating with custom labels

      • practice facilities


Do your patients feel comfortable in your waiting room? How satisfied they with the facilities in the waiting and treatment rooms?


      • the clinic team / staff


How attentive are your staff members? How would your patients rate the friendliness of your team?


You may also like to add:


      • a comment box


This will give your patients the opportunity to praise your service or give you further suggestions.

Step 3: Optimally sharing your patient survey

Go to the “Share” tab to find your short URL with which you can share your questionnaire on your company website or over other media and channels. That’s also where you’ll find the QR code, which you can print on flyers, posters, and table displays in order to catch your patients’ attention as they enter the clinic or take a seat in the waiting room. Patients can take those QR codes home with them, giving them the chance to fill out the survey at home. You may also choose to link your clinic name and your internet site with the survey. This could help increase the number of clicks on your homepage.


Share your Patient Survey

                                                 Share your Patient Survey


The waiting room is an ideal location to place a tablet terminal (ex. with an iPad). This gives your patients the opportunity to pass their time in the waiting room by completing your questionnaire.


Fixed tablet displaying patient survey

Fixed tablet displaying patient survey

Our tip: make sure your questionnaire suits your goals and your patients’ needs

Use your questionnaire to help strengthen doctor-patient relationships. Your patients might be able to help you improve your day-to-day business by giving you useful suggestions. The questionnaire enables your patients to help shape the healthcare sector. Unlike public review sites, you can decide which results you would like to publish and which ones you’d rather keep to yourself.

Satisfied patients are the foundation of a prosperous clinic, not only in terms of medical advancements, but also from an economical point of view. Patients often choose doctors based on recommendations from family or friends, which is another reason why doctors should focus on their bedside manner.

If you have any further questions on measuring patient satisfaction in your clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is always happy to help!


Best Practice: Patient survey in practice
ENT Clinic Doberenz has already implemented Feedbackstr questionnaires to collect feedback, ideas, and comments from its patients.

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Increase patient satisfaction in your doctor’s practice. Create a digital questionnaire in less than 5 minutes.

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