Are you neglecting your loyal customers’ opinions?

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There are different kinds of timed contracts nowadays – you might agree to a one-time purchase, or a purchase that will last for a specific amount of time. Maybe you require a certain service for an hour, a day, or a year. Those types of purchases usually involve committing to a contract for a longer period of time, and can often be found in the fitness, spa, or medical industry. As a member or return customer, you typically pay in advance for a period of time in which you can use the service.

Since these types of customers pre-pay, most business owners assume they’ll keep coming back. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. If your customers aren’t satisfied, you shouldn’t be treating them as if you’ve already won them over forever. The service you provide was good enough for their initial purchase and it needs to stay that way, regardless of if they’ve already paid or not. This means that you should be valuing them the same as you would new customers by asking for the feedback daily. You might always be asking the same questions, but the answers can change every day. For example, if you’re interested in learning more about the usual condition of your gym, like the air quality, the temperature, or noise levels, your best bet is to ask your return customers, as they’re better equipped to give you an accurate answer about the overall condition, and not just how it was on the day your new customer was there. Even if you feel repetitive asking the same questions over and over again, there’s always the possibility that today was different than yesterday. First-time guests just aren’t able to give you that type of a long-term comparison.

The collection of feedback from new customers is often seen as a type of marketing rather than serious quality monitoring. Taking feedback evaluation seriously and implementing a monitoring system for continuous collection can effectively work for marketing purposes as well. Return customers know your company much better than new ones do, and they will enable you to receive real, in-depth insight. The longer they stay with you, the more you know about your customer’s experience with you and what you would need to do to reach more target customers like them.

The next aspect you need to determine is how you would like to collect feedback from your customers. While many gyms conduct yearly email campaigns or have customers fill out a pencil & paper survey, spas typically ask their customers after every treatment, and medical institutions might simply have a comment box laying around. There are lots of different ways to successfully collect feedback to improve your business. However, there are also at least as many ineffective ways to collect feedback. The key quality and feedback measurement & management is having reliable, continuous, transparent, and sufficient data. This is why it’s so important to offer your customers the possibility of submitting feedback whenever, however, and wherever they would like! One great solution is to use a tablet stand to survey your customers, allowing for on site, on the spot feedback collection. That way, anyone who would like to and has time to submit easily can.

Return and loyal customers need to be listened to & receive just as much care as new ones do!

Author: Trang Le 

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Are you neglecting your loyal customers’ opinions? 

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