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Canaletto meets Wagner – that was the motto of this year’s city festival in Dresden which was celebrated by over 550,000 visitors. Frank Schröder’s event agency implemented Feedbackstr’s survey tool to carry out their visitor survey in real time. The goal of the survey was to gather feedback from 1,000 visitors over the course of the 3-day festival. Guests were surveyed on the event organization, the schedule, and the  possible mottos of future festivals in order to help attract large numbers of visitors to next year’s event.


Franks Event GmbH


City Festival “Dresdner Stadtfest 2013”


  • Interviewers surveyed festival goers using tablets;
  • Interviewers were positioned at various locations throughout the city;
  • In the face-to-face interview, visitors rated the city festival and submitted suggestions for improvement.



  • Analysis of feel-good factor and visitor satisfaction
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • Classification of target groups
  • Collection of suggestions for improvement
  • Increase of visitor retention for years to follow
  • Recognition of room for improvement in marketing campaign


Successful visitor survey with online questionnaires

Sophia Lindheimer, assistant to the CEO of Franks Event GmbH, told us in a short interview about her experience with Feedbackstr:

Ms. Lindheimer, last year you used paper questionnaires for your visitor survey. What inspired you this year to try Feedbackstr?

Lindheimer: We were attracted to Feedbackstr because you are able to view the results in real-time. The greatest advantage is the amount of time you save with a digital questionnaire.

In what way have you been able to use the feedback submitted by visitors? Do you plan to use some of the results in the planning for next 2014’s city festival?

Lindheimer: It is of utmost importance to us that those visiting Dresden’s city festival feel comfortable in their surroundings. To be able to guarantee this, it is imperative for us to know what the people like. If there’s something they don’t like or something which needs to be improved, we will take it into consideration for the 2014 planning.

Did any of the feedback provided by the visitor survey surprise you?

We’re already used to feedback since we’ve been carrying out the festival survey for the past 3 years. However, since participants had the opportunity to leave open comments with this survey, it was surprising to read what a lot of people wanted to say.

Do you plan to use Feedbackstr again for next year’s visitor survey?

hanks to Feedbackstr, the visitor survey was a great success. Over 1,000 visitors were surveyed and we received the results in no time at all. We hope to achieve the same results next year.

Thanks for your feedback!

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