How to integrate feedback surveys into your app in three simple steps

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Do you offer your customers apps for smart phones and/or tablets? If yes, would you also like to know what your customers think about your brand, service, or product?

The following set of instructions will show you how to integrate a survey into your app or mobile website in just three simple steps. Doing so will enable you to collect useful customer feedback for your business quickly & easily.

Step 1: Create your Survey

Get started by creating an online survey – it’s easy and won’t take long at all. Choose the survey template appropriate to your business (click here to view our template selection) or create your own survey according to your specific ideas and needs (here’s our survey designer).

Creation Page - Survey Designer

Step 2: Copy your Survey’s URL

Once you’ve finished your survey, it will automatically receive its own URL. You can even customize your URL (see image 2) by naming it after your company or your survey, for example.
Now you’re ready to copy your URL and integrate it into your app. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to do so in the next step. It’s easy!

customize your survey link

             Image 2: Customize Your Survey Link

Step 3: Integrate it!

You have multiple options when it comes to integrating your survey into your app. The easiest way is to embed your link into text, like so: “Take part in our survey!” You can embed a link pretty much any and everywhere you like. Instead of using just text, you can also consider using a button, which will attract much more attention to your survey than just plain text. Another option is to incorporate your survey into a navigation menu, which shows your users that you interested in collecting feedback continuously. As an alternative, you can also have your users automatically forwarded to your survey when they use a specific function in your app.

How to Incorporate Depending on the Option you Choose:

You have four different options of integrating a survey into your app.

  1. Embedding a URL: Embed your URL into a message to direct customers right to your survey.
    All you have to do is choose and highlight a word, or a group of words, and turn them into a link. Now, every time a user clicks on the linked part of text, he/she will be automatically forwarded to your online survey. The phrase you use should be be motivational, such as: “Take part in our survey now!
  2. Button: use a button to link to your survey.
    Incorporate a button into your app that really catches your user’s eye. Make sure your button will animate users to take part in your survey or submit their feedback on your products or service (see image 3). You can place buttons between or at the end of paragraphs, for example. You should choose the correct placement of the button depending on how important customer feedback is to you. Long scrolling times (finger swiping) should be avoided if possible.

    Link a Button to Your Survey

    Image 3: Use a Button to Link to Your Survey

  3. Extra Menu Widget: add an extra menu widget to your navigation menu.
    You can incorporate your survey as an extra menu widget right next to your app’s other features on the home screen. The company AYK Tanning Salons expanded its main navigation menu (see image 4) with a “feedback” widget. This method ensures that app users will have no problems reaching your survey, allowing them to easily and directly submit their feedback on themes like: service, consultation quality, and the atmosphere in each tanning salon.

    Start Screen AYK App

    Image 4: Add an Extra Menu Widget

  4. Automatic Forwarding: automatically redirect your customers to your online survey.
    In order to make reaching your survey as easy as possible for app users, you can incorporate automatic redirection systems into your app. This will redirect users to your survey once they do something like open the app, close a certain feature, or exit a pre-defined page.

You decide which option is best for you and your users!

Depending on the type of linking method you choose, you’ll have to determine if the survey should open in a new browser or if the user should fill out the survey within the app. The advantage of the latter is that the customer won’t have to leave the app, meaning he/she can continue using further features right after submitting feedback.

You can monitor your feedback collection live via your Feedbackstr Dashboard (feedback summary, see image 5). This is where all of your answers are saved, automatically calculated, and made available to you.

We hope we were able to help you with integrating your survey into your app! If you still have questions, we’re here to help (contact)!

Feedbackstr Dashboard - Analyze Feedback

               Image 5: Analyze Your Feedback

Use this quick and easy way to reach your customers and users directly, allowing you to receive continuous and direct feedback from those who matter most.

Good luck on your feedback project!


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Integrate a survey into your app in three simple steps

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