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I think Facebook is a very valuable platform when it comes to social networking and online communication. With the right set of tools, you can design a Facebook page that will increase your business’ brand awareness, help you reach your target group easier, and even help to attract new employees. However, all of this good does come at a small price – upkeep. Keep your page well groomed to avoid scepticism. Treat it just like you would any physical features of your business – clean and friendly.

Ironically enough, the little things are exactly what can make or break your social network reputation. For example, if your Timeline photo isn’t positioned quite correctly, your corporate design isn’t incorporated well enough in your Facebook design, and especially if the links to your blog and website are missing, your fans won’t take your Facebook page seriously. Don’t forget to add images, your legal notice, and customized tabs to increase the quality of your page! What it all really comes down to though, is appearance, originality, and the use of relevant posts. This even applies to the tabs that show on your start page.  In case you’ve never heard of Facebook tabs – they are the little squares shown to the right of your corporation’s ‘About Me.’

tabs facebook page

If done right, your tabs will give your page a personal touch, not to mention more clicks, because they animate your Facebook fans to become an active part of your social media world. If you choose to use a Facebook tab to promote your survey, you’ll not only find out what customers think of your product or service, but also what they think of your Facebook page. Use this feedback to gather ideas on how to improve your image on social networks.


6 Steps to Creating Your Facebook Tab

Now I’m going to show you how to create and use tabs on your business’ Facebook page with the help of a free app. No programming skills required! Here are the following steps the page administrator has to follow:

1.    Look for the free app “Woobox”

It’s easiest to use an app like “Woobox” to help you create your tabs. All you have to do is enter the app name into the search box and click on “Woobox Custom Tab” when it pops up.

search woobox


2. Click on “Install Page Tab”

Simply install the app on your company’s page by clicking on “Install Page Tab.” If you, the page administrator, are responsible for multiple pages, be sure to choose the page you would like the tab to appear on later.

install Woobox App


choose page for tab


3. Give the App the Needed Authorization

After you’ve authorized the app, you’ll receive complete access to the tab app. You’ll now be directed to settings options. This is where you decide between what you want your tab to consist of:

  • URL
  • HTML code
  • Image


4. Integrate Your Survey URL

To integrate your Feedbackstr survey into a Facebook tab, go to and sign up for an account. Now you can get started on creating your own survey. Feedbackstr offers an array of well-made survey templates for corporations in multiple branches. As soon as you’re done with that, you’re ready to publish it online. To do so, click on the “Share” tab to receive a URL that will look something like this:… Paste the URL in Woobox’s tab settings in the “Page Source- URL” box. You’re almost there!

share url survey


5. “Go Live”

After you’ve integrated your survey into your Facebook page, go back to the Feedbackstr website, then to the “Fan Gate” to choose who all can see the survey later. Click on “tab name,” to give the tab a customized name. Save your entries by clicking on “save settings.”

authorize woobox


6. CI Customization of the Tab

Head back to your Facebook page. You’ll find your new tab to the right of your corporation’s “about me.” Click on the image in the tab on the top right-hand side and choose the following option “Own symbol: change,” to upload a logo, for example. There are only two conditions: your image should be no bigger than 1 MB and the dimensions should be under 111X74 Pixels. Now you can start distributing your survey!

logo upload


upload custom image

Gather Feedback with Social Media

Putting a survey on your Facebook page will allow you to directly gather feedback from your fans. It’s the easiest and most effective way to receive many responses at once. Use Feedbackstr’s evaluation page to analyze and filter your results with the help of a simple, user-friendly graph. You even have the possibility to publish your results on various social media profiles if you please.

dashboard feedbackstr



For all of you that aren’t an administrator of a Facebook page, you can alternatively choose to post your survey via Feedbackstr on your Facebook wall. Use the available “share buttons” for Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to do so.

share button feedbackstr


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Facebook Surveys: This is how you integrate surveys into tabs correctly.

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