Help us help others – Christmas charity campaign 2013

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Christmas and New Year.

Spectos and Feedbackstr will support three non-profit organizations with a total of 1,000 euros (graduated in 500, 300 and 200 euros) to support them in their valuable work.
We’re leaving it up to you to decide how the donations will be split up between the three organizations. Take part in our Christmas Charity Survey and vote for the project of your choice until the 31st of December 2013.

These are the organizations we’ll be supporting this year:

Treberhilfe Dresden eV: Outdoor Adventures for City Kids

The association Treberhilfe Dresden eV is active in the field of social and youth services. Among the special activities on offer, the organization supports the adventure playgrounds for city kids.

Treberhilfe Dresden Charity Feedbackstr


Children’s Aid Hyvong Vietnam eV: Support Vulnerable Children

Through its work, the association helps to ensure that orphans and disabled or particularly vulnerable children and young people in Vietnam receive everything they need for a decent life. Through the support of social services for these children and the care of the families Children’s Aid Hyvong Vietnam, the foundation for improvement is secured. The construction or renovation of health centers and village schools also serves this purpose. The association mainly supports those projects that otherwise receive little to no international aid.

Childrens Aid Vietnam Feedbackstr

TriVersion e.V. : More Trees for Everyone!

TriVersion eV was founded in 2005 to address the issue of sustainable life. The goal of the team is to plant as many trees as possible to raise awareness for climate change issues. Supporters can help by purchasing a tree or by making a donation. For each new tree, TriVersion also offers certificates to businesses or individuals that can be customized and serve as a nice gift for various occasions.

Triversion Feedbackstr Charity


Which organization receives the most votes and how the donation amount is divided up between the projects will be made public next year on the blog and on our Survey-Review-Page.

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Help us help others – tell us how you would like to see our donation distributed between the three selected organizations.

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