Feedbackstr’s new facelift – inside & out

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We’re excited to present quite a few new changes to design & application!

After putting hours upon hours of hard work into the new & improved Feedbackstr website, we are proud to be presenting it to all of you today!

A few of our new features at a glance:

  • Foolproof navigation – find all the answers to your questions right away
  • Step-by-step instructions from real Feedbackstr team members (Our Experts Explain)
  • Responsive design full of rich colors and eye-catching images to spark your imagination
  • Easy-to-understand contents enable a quick start into the world of feedback

The updated exterior design mirrors the interior changes we’ve made to the application, the most important one being our new touch point tracker concept.

2-Question Touch Point Trackers

The quick, easy, and most effective alternative to traditional market research methods

You aren’t receiving as much feedback as you could be. Yes, we said it.

Traditional surveying methods tend to be boring, bothersome, and way too long. Customers draft answers to a seemingly never-ending list of questions only to give up halfway through, ending with tons of valuable feedback lost in cyberspace.

Start receiving more actionable feedback immediately with our touch point trackers. Consisting of only 2 questions, touch point trackers are as quick & fun for customers as they are effective for you. Secure yourself instant results and achieve your individual goals in no time.

Bewertungen Online und Offline

Due to the surprisingly brief nature of our new trackers, customers can always find the time to give you their feedback and more:

  • 5-star rating: delivers you with precise feedback about your service quality at each touch point
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): easily determines your recommendation rate
  • Comment field (optional): since trackers are so quick & easy to fill out, customers are more inclined to leave you the most important kind of data –  personalized feedback
  • Email (optional): Customers also often leave you their contact data in hopes of receiving a response to their feedback. Don’t miss out on this profitable chance!

Check out our very own tracker here.

Place your trackers at any and all touch points along the customer journey – online & offline – and receive instant insight immediately:

  • Online touch points: company website, social networks, live chat, emails, or customer newsletters
  • Offline touch points: in store at points of sales/high-traffic areas, flyers, menus/catalogs, or hotlines

And the benefits?

  • Improved service quality & overall performance
  • Happier customers that keep coming back
  • Increased sales & customer satisfaction
  • More positive online reviews & recommendations
  • Stand out from the crowd by placing trackers at your touch points today!

In a world where customers have less time & patience, the capacity to adapt to new developments in consumer behavior is key to success. Our trackers offer businesses the most effective, customer-friendly alternative for quick feedback collection.

With these two major changes, Feedbackstr has proved once again that we not only continuously strive to stay on top, but much rather lead changes in market research development. Ready to give our trackers a try? Head over to our website for more information. 

We wish you all a great week full of valuable feedback.

Your Feedbackstr Team

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