Feedbackstr Reward App – voucher management made easy

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Are you experiencing increasing competition and pressure in your sector? Stand out from the crowd and sharpen your awareness of customer satisfaction. In our previous blog article, we told you about the importance of customer loyalty and how to strengthen it with customer surveys and vouchers. Retail stores, restaurants, and companies which use Feedbackstr and provide gift vouchers as incentives, receive additional support via the Reward App. The app helps you keep track of issued gift vouchers and enables you to deactivate any vouchers which have already been redeemed.

Voucher management made easy – here’s how it works

Each voucher issued has a unique ID. This ID is portrayed as a QR code which is displayed on the voucher.


Voucher displaying

      Voucher displaying QR code

Redeeming a voucher is quick and easy. Your employees simply need to scan the QR code using Feedbackstr’s Reward App. Detailed information about the voucher will be displayed (value, description, validity period). The voucher can then be cashed in and will be consequently deemed invalid.

Rewards App

           Feedbackstr Reward App

What advantages does Feedbackstr’s voucher system have for me?

You always have an overview of which vouchers have already been redeemed. The voucher log (see screenshot) provides you with a list of all vouchers which have been issued. You are also able to track which email address the voucher was dispatched to and whether the voucher has already been cashed in using Feedbackstr’s Reward App. This means any voucher can be redeemed only once. This system vastly reduces and simplifies the time and effort needed for administration.

Voucher Log

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A lot of time and effort needed to manage your reward system? Feedbackstr’s Reward App makes everything much simpler.


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