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Are you looking to publish feedback for your other customers to see? With the Feedbackstr results page, aka review page, you can make the results of your survey accessible for others. All you need to do is use the feedback tool to create a public webpage where the results of your questionnaire will be displayed.

Just like the Feedbackstr questionnaire, the results page can also be customized. You may choose to add your own background image and logo in the header to support your corporate identity. You are also able to add your company description to the contact field, as well as links to your social media sites. Use this to increase traffic to your channels.

results page

                                                      Image 1: Overview results page

Here’s how to create your results page

1. Go to the “Publish” tab

If your Feedbackstr questionnaire is already saved in your account and you’re satisfied with the settings, your next step is to complete the results page. Via the dashboard and the “Publish” tab, you will be directed to the results page where you can enter all the required details. You can pre-define which questions and answers should be displayed on the review page. Questions containing personal information, e.g. email addresses, will not be made available to the public.

publish review page

                                               Image 2: Publish your review page


2. Complete your results page

Once you click “make the review page public”, you can begin sharing the link to your survey (underlined in red in Image 3) on your webpage and social media sites. Your website visitors will be forwarded directly to the results page via this link. Check the “let Google find this page” box to increase your visibility in web searches completed by Google.

settings review page

                                                      Image 3: Review page settings


3. Present your results page

If you have completed your review page with the necessary information and contact details, you may choose to link the results page at the end of the questionnaire (see Image 3: Review page settings). That means, as soon as the user has submitted their feedback, the button “Show results” will be displayed.  With just one click the users can view all feedback which has been submitted up to that point (Image 4).

link review page questionnaire

                                Image 4: Linking your review page


4. New features for your results page

One of our new features allows you to respond to individual comments submitted by your customers. Simply click the “Reply” button and leave your comment. Your responses will be visible on the review page. Use this feature to your advantage by responding to questions or suggestions left by customers.

reply function

                                                Image 5: Reply to comments



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Present your company and your feedback via the Feedbackstr results page.

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