Feedback Timeline & Real Time Notifications, Increased Usability in Master Cockpit & PDF Logos

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We hope that the enhancements we made to the Enterprise Cockpit, as were presented in the previous technical update, have proven to be helpful to our users. In this update, we will continue to present further important changes we have made to Feedbackstr with the aim of making our tool even more convenient and easier to use.

1. A new way of seeing things: customer feedback is now presented as timeline

As already presented in our last update, the 5 most recent customer comments from all channels (tracker, social network, review website) are now displayed in the cockpit while older comments can be viewed by clicking on “show all customer feedback.” However, users had to return to the individual report to be able to access more detailed data. Now, users are shown all important data when they click on the same “show all customer feedback” button, which can be found directly under the individual customer ratings. All of the collected customer feedback is now presented as a timeline, showing the latest 10 comments by default and loading more through the infinite scroll feature.

Feedback Timeline

The placement of feedback on the page is adjusted according to the customer’s score to the 5-star rating scale. Feedback on the right side of the list is more positive than that on the left side, and the feedback in the middle corresponds to a 3-star rating. This new feature enables users to identify how many stars customers gave their service quality at a glance.

In addition, users can now filter the feedback according to defined criteria, including the amount of stars given or a certain NPS result, or conduct a text search to look for certain words in comments or to find an email address.  

2. Access single account from the top/flop lists in master account cockpit

From now on, users can access the cockpits of individual locations from the top/flop section in the master cockpit without having to switch accounts. In addition, Feedbackstr customers can now access the dashboards and customer feedback of an individual account while remaining logged in with their master account.

3. Increased professionalism with PDF reports including user’s logo

Our users now have the possibility to incorporate their own image/logo in their PDF reports by uploading an avatar image to their account. We hope that this small addition will have a large impact and help make individual PDF reports look more professional by matching the user’s corporate identity.

4. Real time cockpit notifications

From now on, users will be notified of new feedback through sight and sound – without ever having to manually refresh the page. In addition to visually accentuating the new feedback, an alert icon and a distinctive tone (as long as the speakers aren’t muted) will be triggered to notify employees of incoming feedback.

This new feature will help team members react to feedback of positive and negative nature quicker than ever before.

Feedback Notification Cockpit

The various features we introduced in this deploy were developed in hopes of simplifying customers’ daily operations. We encourage you to try these new changes out and, as always, are looking forward to your feedback!

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