Enterprise Feedback Management System (EFM) – how to implement feedback from customers and employees into your business

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When a customer shares his opinion with you about your company, it’s his way of letting you know that he is interested in your product or services. You can use this feedback to your advantage. Utilize the feedback to strengthen customer loyalty and gather useful tips for all areas of your business. “Enterprise Feedback Management” systems are there to help you keep an overview of employee and customer feedback.

Manage and integrate customer and employee feedback using a feedback management system

Customer feedback can be collected via means of questionnaires or by recording conversations within the customer service department. To process a complaint, the feedback questions may be discussed with the customer and then saved on an internal system. The cause of the problem will also be communicated via these means. With continuous employee and customer feedback, communication with the customer can be improved, customer requests can be processed more quickly and you receive the necessary information to allow you to see what areas of your business still need to be improved.


The enterprise feedback management system can be used to record information from multiple feedback sources, whether it’s from employees, customers or business partners. This information can also be managed and tracked using the system. The EFM enables you to continuously gather feedback which is accessible to all areas of your business. This knowledge is the basis for process optimization and quality improvement for all processes within your company.

Advantages of using Enterprise Feedback Management System

Quality improvement with EFM:

By analyzing customer requests and complaints, the root of the problem can be identified and countermeasures implemented. Thus the quality of a product or service can be assured and in an ideal world improved.

Increase customer loyalty and demand with EFM:

EFM helps improve customer communication and clarify customer needs. This customer information which is regularly integrated into business processes, can be used by companies to adapt to customer concerns and take customer needs into consideration when developing products. Decisions can be made based on all customer types, independent of the communication channel they use (telephone, email, website, social media).

Save time and costs with EFM:

By centrally gathering feedback, processes from various departments can be summarized which means costs for duplicate surveys can be saved. The decision-making process based on customer information is therefore simplified.

Enterprise Feedback Management made easy with Feedbackstr

The online feedback management system from Feedbackstr provides you with the possibility to create individual questionnaires, tailored to suit the needs of your business and target audience. Questionnaires are versatile, which means they can be adapted for each department within your company, whether it’s to measure product development or customer and employee satisfaction.


dashboard survey reporting

Dashboard Feedbackstr

To achieve continuous process optimization, you can observe and analyze received data in your dashboard and consequently improve your performance through your knowledge. Feedbackstr also provides you with the possibility of contacting your customers via direct dialogue. Use this feature to strengthen customer loyalty. Use the enterprise features and interfaces to combine and synchronize Feedbackstr with your Customer-Relationship-Management and Enterprise-Resource-Planning systems.

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Improved customer service with Enterprise Feedback Management Systems.

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