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Enhanced Enterprise Cockpit: New Options for Data Representation for Enterprise Users

Thanks to one of the most important features we developed in this Sprint, our enterprise users are now able to benchmark various accounts and trackers at once.

We wanted to give our enterprise users with multiple branches/locations the opportunity to measure the service quality in each of their locations at the same time, as well as provide them with a detailed overview of the performance of all of their touch points. In order to achieve this goal, we added a few new tools for the representation of data to the Enterprise Cockpit.

One of the new tools we integrated will significantly simplify the comparison of data for those with a master account, enabling users to check the performance of singular locations at a glance. This is made possible by the Top 3/Flop 3 analysis we’ve created, which shows the 3 locations with the worst, and the 3 locations with the best scores. In addition, we’ve expanded the range of options for the analysis of the overall company performance for our enterprise users. This is what the Enterprise Cockpit looks like now with all of the new features we’ve added:


Another tool we added for users with a limited access account will enable branch/store managers to see their own results in comparison to the average company performance. This new knowledge will deliver managers more insight regarding the quality of their own performance and show them exactly where they stand in that moment. The comparison tool for limited access accounts can be seen in the following image:


All of these new features, which are exclusively available for our enterprise users, will simplify the future analysis of overall company results as well as the comparison of singular locations to the average company performance. These tools will save our enterprise customers even more time by enabling them to review important results in just a matter of minutes.

You can count on Feedbackstr even more now with the new enhanced alert system

Our customers don’t always have enough time to check their results as often as they would like to or should. And thanks to our new alert system, they don’t have to anymore! The new symbol on the main menu can be used to activate and change the settings of notification emails.

Although each tracker sends out a standard notification when feedback is submitted, users now have the option of defining new alerts according to their own specifications. For example, a user can choose to receive a notification if a critical NPS is submitted or if a participant awards the user’s company/service less than 3 stars.

Thanks to this new and extremely useful feature, Feedbackstr customers won’t even have to log into their account to quickly recognize any critical situations. From now on, they can count on Feedbackstr completely to send them a notification if and when certain things occur that they need to know about, enabling customers to react to negative feedback before it’s too late!

This important topic is supposed to receive even more attention in the near future. Alerts are supposed to become an own category where an overview of all notifications is to be made available, enabling users to reliably track the amount of outliers and the development of complaints.

Learn how to identify and activate touch points in no time with our new guide

We wanted to implement yet another helpful tool for customers who aren’t very familiar with the idea of touch points. With our new Assistant for Identifying and Using Touch Points, we have achieved exactly that. In the guide, we show customers how to find valuable touch points with customers and explain how to easily turn these touch points into a continuous source of reliable feedback. We’re always glad to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get off to a great start with Feedbackstr.


New touch point tracker layout for terminal mode

Our new touch point trackers are now optimized for use in terminal mode! We enlarged all of the tracker’s elements to increase usability on larger screens/tablets, enabling the collection of even more in-store feedback. Now, customers and employees can spot the tracker’s logo and introduction from further away and easily click on/select touchable elements.



New automatic answer choice “other” for single & multiple choice questions

Our users often include single and multiple choice questions in their campaigns, which is why we have developed yet another time-saving feature for our customers. From now on, Feedbackstr users can choose if they would like to automatically display the answer choice “Other,” which enables participants to submit their own answers, when using single and multiple choice questions. This new feature will eliminate the need for manual entry and make creating campaigns even easier for customers.  

The various features contained in this deploy are aimed to further assist customers with their daily tasks and operations. We hope these changes are helpful and encourage you to try them out. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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