easyShare – Feedbackstr takes WordPress by storm!

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Install, Activate, Customize… Et voila! Incorporate your Feedbackstr Tracker into your WordPress website in just 2 easy steps.

Feedbackstr has been enabling users to integrate trackers into their websites since it was founded in 2013. The use of side tabs or iFrame tags to advertise surveys on users’ websites has always been and will continue to be allowed. And it’s a lot easier than it may sound! It’s just a matter of copy and pasting the desired tags into the html structure of your website.

However, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a new plugin for WordPress website administrators to make the embedding of trackers on homepages even easier than it already was.

Step 1 – Install

There are 2 possible ways to install the new easyShare WordPress plugin.

a) – Automatic Installation

The automatic installation of the plugin is the most straightforward option.

Installing Feedbackstr's easyShare plugin

Log into your WordPress back end, click on the plugins tab, and click on “add new.”

Simply enter “Feedbackstr” into the search bar on the right-hand side of the page and install the Feedbackstr easyShare plugin when it pops up. And you’re ready to go!

b) – Manual Installation

Click on the following link to go to the WordPress directory and download our plugin: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/feedbackstr-easyshare/

Unpack the ZIP archive and move the downloaded folders via FTP into your plugin directory. Now all you have to do is activate the plugin in your directory! Once you’ve completed the installation process, you’re only one click away from activating and using our easyShare plugin.

Step 2 – Customize


Customizing settings with Feedbackstr's easyShare plugin

You can make all of the important decisions right in your easyShare dashboard…

  • Enter the link to your tracker (short URL)
  • Determine which side of the page you would like to display your tab on
  • Decide how the the link embedded behind the tab should open when it’s clicked on
  • Select the desired color you would like your tab to have

… And you’re all set!

You’re now ready to start collecting feedback on your website right away. The side tab will now be displayed where and how you want it on all of your pages. We also have a small gift for all of our easyShare users. We created a shiny new iFrame Generator to go with our plugin, which allows you to directly embed your tracker on your website, meaning customers won’t even have to leave the page to give you their feedback.

Using Feedbackstr's iFrame Generator

To use the iFrame Generator, simply click on the Feedbackstr icon in the post or page editor, enter the link to your tracker, set the desired height and width, and click on OK. Your embedded tracker will be shown wherever you choose to place the tag.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Try it out for yourself and see just how simple it is!

We hope you have lots of fun with our new plugin and even more success with your tracker.

The Feedbackstr Team

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