Customer review: (in)adequate customer service from mobile phone providers

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Why is it impossible to reach my provider’s custoumer support team?

Is my cell phone playing up or is it my network provider? Emergency call to the service hotline? Failed! Last resort – social media? But why doesn’t anyone respond…?

“All of our operators are busy at the moment. Please try again later…”

It’s Thursday morning at half past eleven and my mobile phone, or perhaps my network, has decided to stop working. I can’t send text messages, nor can I make phone calls. I won’t even mention my internet access. I’ve arrived at home and try to reach a customer advisor via the service hotline. After what feels like 20 automated menus, I slam the phone down on the table after I hear: “All of our operators are currently busy.”

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Email contact – failed!

Since I have neither the time nor the desire to establish a long-term relationship with my telephone, I decide to send an email to my provider. It’s 2p.m., at which point I assume that the service employees will have enough time to reply to my query by closing time. At least that’s what I thought. However: I thought wrong! As a minor private customer, my network provider doesn’t seem too bothered about my query. Extremely annoyed I close my laptop and try to convince myself that my problem is possibly a complicated one and that’s why the problem solving is taking a little longer. When I still haven’t received a response by the following day, my patience starts to wear thin. I try once more to reach someone via phone. Another failure on my part: I was calling outside of business hours.

Social Media: your friend and helper. Dead End!

Completely out of character, I turn to my last option: Facebook. I’ve followed the latest news from my provider for years now. As a customer I like to keep myself up-to-date. Since my provider regularly and promptly replies to posts on their page, I expect a quick, uncomplicated response. So I write my message via Facebook and wait for a hasty reply. After 48 hours of waiting, I still haven’t received an answer.

Face-to-face contact beats Social Media any day!

Completely irritated, I take my mobile phone to one of my provider’s high street stores. The advisor there is able to immediately tell me that my phone is broken and it needs to be sent away. I was in the store for less than 15 minutes and in that time received a quick, professional response. And the best thing about it: I received a substitute device free of charge! Truly outstanding. The customer service provided by my provider was lousy in comparison.

If the service doesn’t work, the customer will leave!

Today (5 days later!) I’m still waiting on an email answer. I haven’t even received a reply to my Facebook post. Congratulations on such customer friendliness! One thing is now certain: I will most definitely be cancelling my contract! What a pity that I have no possibility to let the company know why I am so dissatisfied or at least why I decided to end my contract. Customer satisfaction should actually be one of the top priorities for a service provider, don’t you think?

If you’re going to use social media, then do it properly!

Many companies are increasingly using social media in an effort to spruce up their image. Customer support seems to be more important than ever. However, what too many forget is that a monologue from the business side of things, or more exactly customer information overload, is not at all effective. Customers expect an individual approach. In other words, they expect dialogue – more specifically an individual, professional and prompt dialogue around the clock. Businesses with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing etc. need to be prepared to respond to customer queries in a professional manner within 2 to 4 hours. If they fail to respond within this timeframe, the customer feels let down. This can have dire consequences for the company. The customer can no longer relate to the product, service or company. In many cases, the only option left for the customer is to say: “You are the weakest link, goodbye!”

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Customer Review: Poor customer service from mobile phone providers. Help via social media: forget it! #service

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