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Anyone who runs a business has little time for complicated analyses and reading multi-page reports filled wtih numbers and statistics. Pressing questions flash through your mind – questions which need answers and preferably immediately:

Are my customers happy customers? Do they recommend me to others? Are my efforts achieving the desired effect?

A Quick Overview: Customer Feedback Cockpit

For cases like the above, we developed Feedbackstr. You kindly ask your customers to leave feedback and receive the results immediately to your PC, tablet or smart phone.

The question we asked ourselves was, how can we best display the results so that you have a quick, coherent overview and don’t have to spend hours configuring or compiling your questionnaires and reports? The outcome: everything on one page!

feedbackstr costumer feedback cockpit

Feedbackstr Cockpit – everything at a glance!

When you begin working with Feedbackstr, the first thing you see is the cockpit. The cockpit provides an overview of all of your questionnaires and their respective 5 most significant questions, displayed in scorecards. Any recent comments are also displayed in the scorecard so that you can respond immediately. So you only have to glance at the cockpit and you know straight away where you stand and what still needs to be done.

Your questions answered in 5 Minutes: Questionnaire Analysis

You want to learn more and be able to see how the response to specific questions develops, how much feedback you have received and if your efforts are taking effect? With one click of the scorecard you can access a more detailed report of your questionnaire – the dashboard. This is where you find all of the important information about your questionnaire on one page: the number of responses, answers to your questions and comments made by your customers.

feedbackstr dashboard

Everything on one page – the Feedbackstr Dashboard

In less than 5 minutes you have gained an overview of your most important questions.

We deliberately omitted a lot of items, in order to keep Feedbackstr as simple and accessible as possible. Why? So that you can concentrate on running your business and have no need to bother with questionnaires and analyses to be able to respond to pressing questions!

author: Niels Delater

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