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You’re a restaurant owner and you want to know how your guests rate your service and the quality of your food and drinks. We have the answer: a digital questionnaire. Using Feedbackstr’s questionnaire templates you can create your own guest survey for your restaurant in less than 5 minutes. Simply choose the appropriate template for your industry.

1. Select the questionnaire template for restaurants

First of all you need to select the appropriate “questionnaire template” for your industry, in this case “Restaurant”. The template containing the most important questions for your guests will be loaded automatically. Our templates were created by market research experts with the aim to identify and evaluate customer satisfaction.

Questionnaire Template Restaurant

                                                     Questionnaire Template Restaurant

2. Choosing and phrasing questions for your questionnaire

You also have the option to replace questions or add additional ones which you feel are important. Make sure to keep your questions short, straightforward and well articulated. Ask questions about several different aspects within your restaurant but be careful to ask only one question at a time. For example, you can ask about:

  • the environment and atmosphere

Do your guests feel comfortable in your restaurant? How do they rate the cleanliness? Do they like the interior design and decoration?

  • the food

Do your guests consider your restaurant to be value for money? How satisfied are they with the selection of meals? How satisfied are they with the quality of the food?

  • the waiting time

How long did your guests have to wait to place their order? How long did they have to wait on their food?

    • the waiting staff

How well does the staff do their job? Was the staff friendly? Did they take good care of the guests?

You may also wish to add:

    • a comment box

This will give your guests the opportunity to praise your service or leave further suggestions.

    • an email box

The email box will help you gather your guest’s email address which can be used for further marketing campaigns. This field is especially important if you plan to use the Feedbackstr voucher function.


Here you will find further expert advice on creating questionnaires.


  3. Making your questionnaire suit your goals and your guests

It is advisable to define the goals of your survey in advance. Do you simply want to gain a general overview of opinions about your restaurant? Or do you want to ask your guests something more specific, for example, about the new menu? Only when you know exactly what you wish to gain from the survey, should you begin drafting your questions. Be sure not to forget your guests. In the next step, you should think about what your guests may wish to tell you. Let’s assume you create a survey that includes only questions about the food:


  • How would you rate the food in terms of portion size?
  • How satisfied are you with the selection of meals available?
  • How would you rate the quality of the food?


Each question in this survey was answered positively but the guests still don’t return because they were annoyed by the slowness of the waitress and the fact that nobody advised the neighboring table that there is a smoking ban in the restaurant. It is exactly for that reason that you should also add a comment box to your questionnaire. This gives your guests the opportunity to share all of their thoughts and suggestions with you. You will be amazed at how many helpful comments you receive from your guests!


4. Adapting and designing the questionnaire template

Once you have created your questions you can highlight important words or phrases, set compulsory questions and insert your company logo into the header. You are also able to add further images to the questionnaire.

own images in questionnaire

                                         Add your own images to the questionnaire


5. Optimally sharing your guest survey

In the “Share” tab (see screenshot) you will find the shortlink which you can use to share your questionnaire on your company website or via other media and channels.

share tab

                                                                 “Share” tab


Also on the “Share” tab you will find the QR code which you can download and print on your menus, flyers, posters and table displays. If you’d rather design your own unique flyer, we recommend you use Feedbackstr’s Flyer Designer.


flyer generator

                                                 QR code download und flyer generator


6. Questionnaire analysis and results in real time

As soon as your guests have submitted the answers to your questionnaire, you are able to view the results in real time. If suggestions for improvement have been submitted, we advise you to act quickly. Respond to the comments and even try to implement the suggestions. Look at it as an opportunity. If someone has submitted criticism about your staff, then it is advisable to re-train your employees. Or if someone has complained at the price, maybe you could consider a discount system, e.g. “Receive one meal free on your third visit”. This could help encourage your customers to visit again and maybe convert them to long-term, loyal customers.
The questionnaire analysis and evaluation provide you with the opportunity to adopt suggestions and new ideas and orientate your service towards your customers. Satisfied guests will come again and again, and they will recommend you further to friends and family.


Get started with our questionnaire template for restaurants


Should you have any further questions about measuring customer satisfaction in your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact us: Our team is always happy to help!

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