Creating your survey – layout and language

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We familiarized you last week with the first set of new features for Feedbackstr questionnaires – design and formatting. This week, we’d like to introduce you to more new features concerning the layout and language options for your survey.

Feature #5: add images to your survey

With the image uploader you can add pictures and logos to your survey. The images can serve the purpose of additionally supporting a question or they can simply be complementary. For example, you ask the question: “How do you like our new product layout?” You could choose to insert a photo of your product here as a visual support for the survey respondent. This option doesn’t only help the user but also visually enhances the questionnaire.

survey upload own images

Feature #6: create your survey in multiple languages

Another practical feature is the language selection option. This can be used to create a multiple language survey. Once the respondent has opened the questionnaire, he can select his preferred language – an ideal approach for overcoming language barriers. This option has proved convenient for companies that have foreign customers or deal with a large number of international tourists, for example in restaurants.

survey multiple languages

Feature #7: insert your company logo into the survey

To strengthen your corporate design and give your questionnaire recognition value, you now have the option of inserting your personal company logo into the survey. The background color can also be adjusted to match your logo.

survey insert company logo

Customize your survey layout

With these new features you can design your survey to meet your personal expectations, individually tailored to your company and customer needs. See for yourself: create your own survey for free.

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Part 2: Surveys in multiple languages, adding images, adjusting the background color

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