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Our team has not only been busy creating our new website, but also a new questionnaire design, which makes it easier than ever to create your own questionnaire. In the following article, we aim to briefly explain the new features which have been introduced for the design and formatting of your questionnaire.

Feature #1: Templates – simply creating new questionnaires

In just a few clicks, the user can create their (first) questionnaire. [→Expert advice for a successful start] The user interface is intuitively designed. With just one click, the user is able to insert questions in to the appropriate fields, they can select the question type and add new questions. The user can also preview the questionnaire for use on a desktop PC, tablet or smart phone and therefore directly view the layout and format of the questionnaire on various end devices.

questionnaire templates

By selecting a questionnaire template, the user can load a “ready-made” survey to help them get started. The template can then be adapted to suit individual needs.

Feature #2: text highlighters in questionnaires

In each question it is possible to use text highlighters such as bold or italics. These can be helpful, especially in longer questions, for drawing the user’s attention to certain key phrases or individual words in order to provide a quick overview of the question content.

questionnaire text highlighters

Feature #3: compulsory questions

Another new feature enables you to mark those questions, which you consider most important, as compulsory questions. The survey can only be submitted once all compulsory questions have been completed.

questionnaire compulsory question

Feature #4: 5-star self-explanatory questions in questionnaires

You can choose from various answer types according to the wording of the question. Sometimes it may be necessary to provide users with short explanations for the different star-ratings. What does 1 star mean? What do 5 stars mean?

survey add own label

Example 1: How SATISFIED are you with the service…?

5 stars: very satisfied
4 stars: satisfied
3 stars: neither
2 stars: dissatisfied
1 star: very dissatisfied

Example 2: How would you rate our service?

5 stars: very good
4 stars: good
3 stars: neither
2 stars: poor
1 star: very poor

Further new questionnaire features…

… of our Feedbackstr survey tool will be introduced next week. We will show you how to upload images to your questionnaire, how to create multi-language questionnaires, what advantages the new features have for you and much more.

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Create an individual questionnaire – it’s fast and simple! The new features of our Feedbackstr survey tool.


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