The SAGAFLOR AG (Zoo&Co) franchisee, Zoo Paradise Schneider GmbH & Co. KG,  continuously sets the bar higher for other pet stores, especially when it comes to in-store merchandise presentation and interior design, offering customers convenience and style while they shop.

Their reliable, trustworthy reputation and expansive local presence are two of a long list of aspects which make them so successful in the pet store industry. And they have the numbers to prove it: since 1990, Zoo&Co has consistently outranked competitors, making them highly popular among pet owners. In order to maintain and further develop  Zoo Paradise Schneider’s success, the company required an easy-to-use enterprise feedback management system capable of collecting customer opinions in all of their stores & subsequently displaying it on one time-saving platform.


Zoo&Co needed an in-store feedback method which was quick and easy for their in-and-out customers. It was also important to the company that the data was accessible in real time, enabling them to react accordingly to the feedback they receive before customers even leave the door, ensuring the company would be able to turn every negative experience around and keep customers coming back. The company mainly needed to aquire data regarding customers’ satisfaction with the floor plan, the presentation of products, and the staff’s ability to understand and fulfill customers’ requirements. The real challenge therefore lied in developing a strategy which could reliably deliver Zoo&Co with the results they needed to monitor business performance and increase customer satisfaction.


After having visited the franchise store in Arnstadt, Germany, the first decisions regarding effective and relevant types of advertisements could be made. Specifically targeting customers who might have to wait in line and therefore have more time to fill out a quick survey, colorful posters and table displays were strategically placed at touch points around the shop, such as information desks and cash registers. The advertisements all included a short introduction and the survey’s QR code and URL, enabling customers to take part without even leaving the store. In addition, customers are given a feedback flyer along with their receipt, also including a short “We would love to hear from you!” greeting, giving customers the possibility to submit their feedback from the convenience of their own home, car, etc. And in order to obtain even more feedback, the customer satisfaction survey was also integrated into the company’s website.


Zoo&Co was able to open up a further communication channel to its customers with Feedbackstr, which has been providing Zoo Paradise Schneider with continuous, objective suggestions for improvement non-stop since September of 2013. Instead of paying for costly market analyses, Feedbackstr’s automatic evaluation of results fulfills the company’s requirements and enables them to react to customers’ opinions immediately.

The results are used for marketing purposes as well, leading to a tangible increase in sales. In addition to the CEO’s daily evaluation of the results, each shop’s team also have access to the customer feedback, making communication with customers much more consistent. The various benefits Zoo&Co profits from by using Feedbackstr helps them to strengthen their image as a customer-oriented company and threfore gain new and retain loyal customers.

“The thing I value most about Feedbackstr is that it gives us the ability to act on customer suggestions and criticism quickly. Thanks to the dashboard tool, staff and managers are both able to access the information immediately. This enables us to make customer desires reality, and do so quickly.”

Mr. Schneider, Owner Zooparadies Schneider