The Waves Coffee House franchise, founded in 2005 in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, is known amongst Canadians for the unmistakable taste of its freshly brewed coffee, its warm and inviting environment, and its excellent customer service. Waves is a place to connect: less in the digital sense and more in the face to face sense. Its customer base is laid-back, open for innovation (Waves was the first coffee shop ever to use an in-store Bitcoin ATM machine), and extremely satisfied as can be seen in the company’s rapid expansion. Today, there are over 30 Waves Cafés in Canada – with many more to come.


The Waves Coffee House required Feedbackstr’s services to maintain and meet company-wide operational and customer service standards. In addition, the company aimed to gather customer feedback to identify room for improvement in each of their shops, ideally increasing profits by giving them the data they need to specifically focus their effort and time on the exact areas that really matter to customers.


In order to provide Waves with the foundation it needed to reach its goals as quickly as possible, Feedbackstr developed a marketing strategy with innovative elements to grab customers’ attention and engage them to participate in the company-wide customer satisfaction measurement. Posters, signs, flyers, and a digital feedback terminal were used to collect customer opinions, providing coffee drinkers with an array of communication channels. Exclusive Feedbackstr benchmark tools visualized KPIs and trends in real time to simplify performance tracking for busy Waves’ managers.


According to the array of results Waves has received, customers acknowledge and appreciate that the coffee house began conducting its large-scale customer satisfaction survey. The large majority of responses are highly positive, but include the exact constructive criticism the company needs to improve. Thanks to the easy-to-use Feedbackstr system, costs spent in the operational department were reduced significantly, and the process used to introduce new products, such as seasonal beverages, was made much more efficient due to the customer feedback they received. An increase in profit and overall customer satisfaction was recorded in the company results, ultimately achieving their initial goals.