Town & Country House is a licensing company which offers franchise opportunities for the building of houses & duplexes to companies in the construction industry. Thanks to their successful and widely recognized business concept, the company has experienced continuous, steady growth since it was founded in 1997. Over 3,000 houses are sold each year, turning hundreds of renters into official homeowners every month – an impressive accomplishment given the gravity of the purchase. The bond between Town & Country House and its customers has much more to it than other business relationships. For its customers, Town & Country isn’t just another construction company – it’s a fulfiller of lifelong dreams.

Feedback Construction Company

That said, turning the dream of a house into reality is still a huge step for consumers. They need a competent partner they can trust; a partner that will accompany them throughout the entire process. The constuction industry is also highly competitive. While looking for ways to build brand trust and awareness to make themselves more attractive than their competition, Town & Country House discovered Feedbackstr.


In hopes of reaching their ambitious goals, Spectos (owner of the Feedbackstr brand) and Town & Country House strived to achieve an accreditation by the TÜV Süd, the most popular German agency for product and provider safety validation. In order to do so, a customer satisfaction measurement was created to measure Town & Country House’s customer satisfaction regarding various business processes over the past two years – which is where Feedbackstr came into play.


A survey was designed in collaboration with TÜV Süd to obtain meaningul insights into the customer’s operations & processes. Town & Country House sent out a newsletter to a total of 4,000 customers, encouraging them to participate in the customer satisfaction measurement to assist them in achieving their goal of obtaining the coveted TÜV Süd certification. Although extremely important, the accreditation process wasn’t the only reason the company decided to use Feedbackstr. Three years later, Town & Country House is still using the enterprise feedback management system to continuously optimize service quality and customer satisfaction.


Copious amounts of valuable customer feedback were gathered within a mere matter of weeks. In fact, the amount of feedback needed for certification ended up being widely exceeded, leading to the successful certification of Town & Country and many other improvements based on the feedback they received.

“Feedbackstr isn’t only user friendly, it also offers all of the features needed to create a survey with great potential. The system works wonderfully in various areas of business, but especially in the franchising industry. It has become a valuable companion to us within this short amount of time by remarkably compiling imporant data and customers opinions on one central platform.”