The kcc group, an educational institution, operates bilingual day cares in Switzerland under the name ‘globegarden.’ The organization has specialized themselves in workplace child care. Kcc works together with companies and communities to build day care centers close to the workplace, such as industrial zones, business centers, and clinics.


Globegarden contacted Feedbackstr in the hopes of gathering parents’ opinions in order to improve their own concept. Any areas with room for potential needed to be recognized, just like the methods of quality management needed improvement. An opinion barometer was to be built based on the parents’ responses.


Digital surveys were created for the parents and subsequently distributed via the day care’s email list. A short URL was integrated into the email, allowing parents to reach the survey in just one click. Within a few minutes, they had already completed the survey and submitted their opinions on the day care centers and globegarden’s concept.


Thanks to Feedbackstr, globegarden receives important parent opinions and can subsequently use the inflow of feedback to optimize their own kindergarten concept. The overall survey results were made available for everyone to see, which the team and the organization is greatly appreciated for. Globegarden Childcare uses the constructive feedback for their on-going development. Another advantage is the new, more open relationship between parents and kindergarten teachers – the dialogue allowed for care that is even more attuned to the children’s needs, which is most important.