Dr. med. habil. Ingeborg Doberenz, an ENT specialist, has many services on offer, including: hearing aid tests, balance tests, speech exams, allergy tests, and also outpatient surgeries. Patient satisfaction is very important to her. The ENT doctor used traditional paper-and-pencil surveys before she found Feedbackstr. As of now, Feedbackstr has been hard at work.


Dr. Doberenz wanted to make the switch from paper to digital surveys to measure her patient satisfaction in real time. The survey was to be continuous, quick, anonymous, and conducted right in the practice’s waiting room. The survey was to cover the quality of the patient-physician relationship and the practice’s facilities. The most important thing for Dr. Doberenz was to be able to react quickly to patient suggestions.


After visiting the practice, collaboration between Dr. Doberenz and the Feedbackstr team started. Two different surveys were created – the first is used to collect patient opinions on pediatric surgeries, and the second for a further joint-practice. In order to enable the patients to submit their feedback while in the practice, a stationary tablet and posters were placed in the waiting room. The parents of children who were operated on were additionally informed of the survey via flyers including the QR code and short URL. This enabled the submission of feedback at home.


Thanks to Feedbackstr, the patients can submit their feedback easily, giving the practice continuous, unique feedback on the topics that are important to them. The evaluation of the responses provides helpful information regarding daily business. Everyone who submits feedback is actively shaping the healthcare industry. Responses are evaluated regularly, allowing for positive change within the practice – all due to patient feedback.

This modern way of surveying was received very well by my patients.”