Coffee Fellows, a wildly successful German coffee chain, was founded in Munich, Germany in 1999. Their business concept is summed up perfectly by their corporate slogan, “Feel at home.” It’s exactly this mentality that differentiates Coffee Fellows from other chains, contributing to its status as a leading coffee company and ensuring that customers come back. Coffee Fellows goes to great lengths to provide customers with a consistently excellent customer experience: the cozy interior, high quality beverages, and sweet & salty snacks all help foster the living room-like feeling inside each and every one of their 100 locations.


The business’ exponential growth triggered a fast, nationwide expansion of their coffee shops. In order to maintain franchise brand consistency and ensure a great customer experience across the board, Coffee Fellows required a solution for the continuous measurement of customer satisfaction in each of their 100+ locations. In order to be able to evaluate & compare the individual performance of shops as well as review overall business performance, the system the company required also needed to be equipped with diverse analysis tools and the capacity to integrate customer reviews submitted on social networks & review websites.


As Feedbackstr met all of the coffee brand’s requirements, a pilot project was initiated in four of Coffee Fellows franchises. After having received successful results, Feedbackstr’s services were expanded from those four initial branches to many, many more – all across Germany. In preparation for the nationwide rollout, custom-created customer satisfaction surveys were crafted to cover all of Coffee Fellow’s needs.

Customer Satisfaction Cafe

“Hey you, how was it? Let us know how we’re doing so we can become even better for you. Simply scan the QR code or enter the link into your browser.” 

A marketing strategy was developed for which thousands of print materials were created to grab customers’ attention and generate numerous responses for the customer satisfaction survey. Table displays, flyers, and receipts were designed & used to collect customer feedback. The survey specifically focuses on the areas of customer service, menu choices, staff friendliness and, due to the omni-channel approach, allows customers to submit their feedback any time, any place.

Customer Satisfaction Cafe

The effectiveness of the selected approach is reflected in the highly useful results Coffee Fellows receives, making Feedbackstr an integral part of the decision making process since 2013.


The continuous collection of customer feedback enables Coffee Fellows to easily grant customer wishes by adapting their menu options, strengthen their brand awareness, and recognize room for potential – both in individual locations and on a company-wide scale. The coffee chain is now fully equipped with the actionable data it needs to offer a consistent customer experience & continuously improve its customer satistfaction.