About CET Vancouver

CET Vancouver, an English language school located in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, offers its international students a broad range of services, the most popular being their English language lessons, IELTS classes, and their highly popular work experience cooperation program. The certified school’s repertoire includes over 1,500 classes of varying lengths and levels, ensuring every pupil finds the right fit for their specific needs & knowledge.


CET Vancouver needed a time-saving feedback management solution capable of compiling and storing varying data and documents to reduce the amount of tools and accounts the language school was juggling. The system therefore not only had to be able to collect student feedback, but also had to be compatible for use as an in-class testing solution, enabling the immediate evaluation of student test answers.


CET Vancouver’s system requirements were very specific, and Feedbackstr was able to offer them the flexibility they needed. The feedback management solution enabled CET Vancouver to collect, store, and evaluate of their various documents, tests, and student feedback in one place. In order to maintain the same paper exam format the school had already been using for years, the multiple and single choice test questions were implemented into a digital survey template. By providing the school with tablet compatible tests, the tests were able to be taken directly in class, eliminating the need for manual test result evaluation.


Thanks to the addition of Feedbackstr’s time-saving solutions, CET Vancouver’s workload was reduced by 40%, giving them more time to focus on the actual lessons instead of lengthy paperwork. The student satisfaction with the school has improved, as well. The director of the school also uses Feedbackstr to view overall and individual studen results in a matter of seconds. Everyone at CET Vancouver profited from the survey management tool: teachers, students, and the director alike.