‘Bosch Car Service HELP’ in Dresden-Klotzsche, one of Bosch’s popular service centers in Germany, offers a wide range of automobile services, including repairs, maintenance, and rentals. The Bosch brand has a large customer base with a global reputation for being a trustworthy & competent supplier of reliable technology and services. It therefore goes without saying that all of Bosch’s service centers have the responsibility of living up to customers’ high expectations of the internationally known brand.


To ensure the customer service experience continuously coincides with the company’s service quality standards, Bosch’s service center in Dresden required a way to measure customer satisfaction with staff & services on the spot. The timing was of upmost importance to the German brand: they needed the results to be available during or immediately after the service was performed to reduce feedback reaction times. In collaboration with the experts from Feedbackstr, an omnichannel feedback concept was developed to determine exactly where, when and how Bosch customers should be reached to increase reponse rates and receive as much feedback as possible.


A number of advertising materials and feedback collection techniques were crafted to reach the company’s goals. For example, a custom-made flyer was developed for employees to hang on customers’ rear-view mirrors after service. Other eyecatching techniques were implemented in the Bosch service center, including tablets, posters, and feedback terminals. The customer satisfaction measurement was also integrated in Bosch’s website. The various digital and physical techniques at every touch point in and outside of the service center enable customers to choose the communication channel they prefer, ensuring the receipt of even more feedback.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 


Bosch Car Service HELP in Dresden, Germany has entrusted Feedbackstr with the measurement of their customer satisfaction since early 2013, providing them with reliable results and eye-opening insights for many different purposes. The customer feedback they collect is used to improve their image as an innovative and customer-oriented business, plan targeted improvements based on customer priorities, and optimize diverse processes and services.