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The times of paper surveys are over. Germany’s leading sport’s rights agency SPORTFIVE already recognized that. Thanks to new possibilities in the creation and conduction of online surveys, many people are reaping the benefits of switching. Companies receive important feedback on site and in real time.

The day Hannover 96’ played against Borussia Mönchengladbach, the club used Feedbackstr’s services to survey its VIP guests. The professional creation, conduction, and evaluation of the survey’s main topics on hospitality, overall service, and catering options, gave the club ideas for the optimization of further home game events. Hostesses asked guests in the VIP area to submit their feedback via tablet. Every guest was given the alternative option to participate by grabbing a flyer on which a QR code and short URL were printed, which also lead guests to the online survey.

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The Advantages of Tablet Surveying:

The use of tablets as an additional channel opens up completely new survey possibilities. Either hostesses or stationary tablets (in a determined place) can be used to gather feedback on the spot. This way, participants are able to submit their feedback live during the event, purchase, exhibition, event, or seminar.

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10 Advantages of Tablet Surveys at a Glance

  1. Numerous features for a more sophisticated survey design
  2. The collection of feedback is quick, easy, and direct, which saves the customer time
  3. Automatic evaluation in real time, results are displayed as user-friendly graphs
  4. Easy filter options for a more in-depth understanding of customer feedback
  5. Automatic notification (alert feature) via email allows for a quick reaction to customer opinions, either as a daily recap or for every single response
  6. Ability to get in touch with your participants
  7. Customizable redirection to a homepage or a URL which has been integrated in the survey
  8. Export data in one click, either as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV document
  9. Usage of current data for product development of improvement of service
  10. The elegant way of reaching customers helps improve levels of satisfaction


The only requirement for tablet usage is stable internet access. Should you not have a reliable connection, you can alternatively use the offline feature. When in offline mode, create and save your survey to your tablet while still online. Once it’s saved on your tablet, you can easily conduct your survey without internet access. As soon as you have access to the internet again, the newly gathered data will be synchronized with our system and subsequently evaluated for you.

Customers can alternatively use their own mobile device to take part in the survey. Nowadays, many customers have their own tablet or smart phone with them at all times. Catch the customer’s eye with advertisements, all of which have the survey’s QR code and short URL printed on them. Customers can easily reach the survey by scanning the QR code or entering the short URL into their browser. The possibilities of QR code placement are diverse. Whether it’s on a menu in a restaurant, on business cards, or on posters at your trade fair booth – you can let your imagination run wild.


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Mobile customer surveying via tablets

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