Build a loyal customer base with surveys and vouchers

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You and your customers are a team! When given the chance, your customers let you know that they are happy customers. In turn, you let your customers know that you are grateful for their feedback because sometimes it’s the small things in life that make someone happy. Say thank you by offering your customers a special offer or a discount off their next purchase.

Score points with customer satisfaction

The Feedbackstr survey tool is here to help. Rewarding your customers with Feedbackstr is fast and simple. You choose the reward for the completion of a survey. Once the respondent has finished answering all of the questions, he receives an email containing a voucher code which can be redeemed against a free gift or discount. By offering bonuses and freebies, you score points with your customers.

The possibilities are endless. You get to choose which incentives should be offered for your surveys. On the one hand you receive feedback and useful tips which help you to identify potential for improvement. On the other hand you build a loyal customer base by offering rewards. You create incentive to encourage your customers to return. In other words, you are killing two birds with one stone. Publish your special offers and discounts for others to see. It’s true that recommendations and positive word of mouth are the best ways of marketing your company.

Here’s how it works:

You are logged in to Feedbackstr’s survey tool and have created your survey. Now you have to click on the “create voucher” button. In this area you can create unique vouchers for your customers.

reward button incentive list

  List of available vouchers

Attract loyal customers with your unique vouchers

In this section you can create discount coupons or your own unique voucher (e.g. for a small gift). You choose what type of reward should be offered and how long the offer should be valid. You can choose between a fixed or a dynamic timeframe. Should you choose dynamic, you can limit the validity to a specific number of days. The voucher is valid for this number of days from the date on which the recipient submitted their feedback.

By choosing the option “only one voucher per email address”, you can ensure that your customers receive only one voucher per submitted feedback. You may also choose to limit the total number of vouchers to be rewarded, e.g. “only the first 50 users will receive a voucher”.

general information voucher

                                          General information about your gift voucher

Create your own voucher design

Make the appearance of your voucher unique by choosing your own colors and logo. Introduce your corporate logo or different colors for the background, labels and fonts in order to tailor your voucher to match your own corporate design.

look of your voucher

                          Modify the appearance of the voucher to match your corporate design

Voucher information

In order to create vouchers, you will be required to submit additional information, for example, a voucher description or your address as issuer. The “external voucher code” has the purpose of storing a unique code which can be processed using your existing inventory and/or POS system. All you need to do is save the voucher and it is immediately available to be used via the “use for this survey” button.

Once your customers have responded to the survey, the voucher will be sent to them automatically. There is one condition: they must submit a valid email address at the end of the survey. Using the “Feedbackstr Reward App”, your employees simply scan the QR code which reveals important information about the voucher and they can subsequently choose to redeem the voucher.


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Build your loyal customer base by offering customized vouchers

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