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The catering facilities at the Studentenwerk Dresden (students’ association) are used on a daily basis. Top service and customer satisfaction for students and university staff are of utmost importance for the Studentenwerk Dresden. Alongside the quality management system which is already in place, the Studentenwerk is keen to set up a sustainable and efficient measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Logo Studentenwerk Dresden

Company: Studentenwerk Dresden

Project: Feedbackstr survey tool, QR-code displays and flyers, posters

Goal: to measure service quality and customer satisfaction in multiple catering facilities

Results – customer feedback:

  • 300 feedbacks from 2 facilities submitted over 5 months
  • Based on results available, the range of products could be adjusted and weaknesses recognised
  • Corporate image could be improved to portray an innovative and customer-oriented business to the target group



Customer Feedback with Feedbackstr

Spectos GmbH, together with the Studentenwerk Dresden, has developed various Feedbackstr questionnaires to implement a long-term measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction in several catering facilities.

Up until now, different varieties of easily visible advertising materials have been used in these facilities: posters, menu holders or flyers displaying a QR-code and/or shortlink. The results are analysed daily by the Studentenwerk, in order to respond quickly to trends and customer requests.

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