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Restaurant Max, located in the heart of Dresden’s Neustadt, and its affiliated bar near the Dresdner Zwinger have been Feedbackstr customers from the very start. By integrating QR codes into their menus and table displays, restaurant guests can easily find the survey to submit their feedback. The survey can also be completed later for those guests who prefer to do it from the comfort of their own home. Just grab a flyer and scan the QR code later!


Company: Restaurant Max Altstadt & Max Neustadt (Dresden)

Project: Feedbackstr survey tool, QR Code featured on all menusand flyers

Goal: to continuously measure service quality and customer satisfaction, to gather suggestions for improvement and customer requests

Results – customer feedback:
• The smartphone proved to be the ideal device for gathering customer feedback. In the last 10 months, more than 500 guests in both bars have submitted feedback about their experience.
• Among the suggestions for improvement were, for example, a wider range of vegetarian meals and mixed drinks which are currently in trend.
• Based on the results of the customer feedback, training sessions have been carried out with the employees in both locations, with the aim of improving service quality and being able to respond more appropriately to guests.

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Customer Feedback on Taste, Service and Cleanliness

The introduction of the customer feedback tool means that customer requests can be immediately identified and the service can be improved accordingly – and everything in real time. Whether it’s concerning the menu, pricing or waiting time, Restaurant Max is always up-to-date and knows what its customers expect from the restaurant and its service, and all of that thanks to Feedbackstr.

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Did you enjoy your meal? Was the waitress friendly? Simple and direct feedback on service quality and customer satisfaction.

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