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ENT specialist Dr. med. habil. Ingeborg Doberenz provides medicals services for hearing examinations, balance tests, voice examinations, allergy tests, outpatient surgery and much more. She considers the satisfaction of her patients therefore to be of high importance. In the past, she carried out her surveys using the paper&pencil method.

The ENT clinic has been using Feedbackstr’s digital questionnaires since June of 2013, which enables patient satisfaction to be measured in real time and evaluations to be carried out automatically.


ENT Clinic Dr. med. habil. Ingeborg Doberenz in Dresden


  • Two questionnaires (patient views on child surgery and the joint practice) using Feedbackstr’s survey tool
  • Tablet computer and posters in waiting area to gather feedback on the joint practice
  • Parents of children who undergo day surgery, receive a flyer displaying the QR code and shortlink, via which they can complete the survey using a smartphone or PC.



  • Continuous, direct, anonymous patient survey, which can be completed in the practice waiting area
  • Assessment of doctor-patient relationship and practice facilities
  • Fast response to patient complaints


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Patient Satisfaction via Feedbackstr

Recent results of the patient survey:

  • Over 30 patients submitted feedback within 7 weeks
  • The service quality measurement in the clinic
    • supports and strengthens doctor-patient relations,
    • provides readily available information about daily business in the practice,
    • enables patients to help shape the healthcare sector.


In the following short interview, Dr. Doberenz shares her experience using Feedbackstr:

Feedbackstr: How long have you been using Feedbackstr’s survey tool?

Doberenz: For about 8 weeks now.

Feedbackstr: How have your patients reacted to this modern type of questionnaire?

Doberenz: Surprisingly enough – patients of all ages have reacted very positively.

Feedbackstr: Have you been able to respond to any suggestions for change received from your patients?

Doberenz: We are going to provide a few more seats in the waiting area, as well as an information sheet on the various treatment options available for allergies. A lot more people want to know about it than we expected.

Feedbackstr: In your opinion, what are the differences between public review platforms and Feedbackstr?

Doberenz: Feedbackstr captures the patient’s immediate feelings. This means unfortunately, that sometimes it is simply used to let off steam. In the case of a public platform this impression remains long-term whereas Feedbackstr enables you to evaluate such feedback for your own use.

Thank you for your feedback, Dr. Doberenz!

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