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It’s finally here! Our new Feedbackstr website is online. Our designers have been working on the new Feedbackstr page for the past two months. Not only the design is new, but we have also added various new features to our Feedbackstr survey tool. Clear the stage for www.feedbackstr.com.

But why all the bother? Feedbackstr was and is: Fast. Simple. Direct. Exactly this image should be conveyed through our home page. The new design provides a faster, clearer overview, which provides for a more user-friendly site navigation. Fewer subpages means the user has faster access to the desired information. News features and regular, up-to-date content in our Feedbackstr blog also add some flair to the new look webpage.

Start Screen Feedbackstr Website

                                                                   Start Screen Feedbackstr

Feedbackstr: Fast. Simple. Direct

Different customers have different needs

To help our customers develop their own surveys, we have provided sample questionnaires specially adapted to different industries. On our website, our customers will find a variety of questionnaire templates for various business types as well as a range of customer reviews. New tools for customizing and editing your questionnaire have also been added, in keeping with our new design.

Short Stories Feedbackstr

                                                                      Short Stories Feedbackstr

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we did designing it. Don’t forget to leave us some feedback!

Your Feedbackstr Team

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