About Feedbackstr

Feedbackstr is the easy to use enterprise feedback management system for large companies, chains and franchises. By measuring customer and employee satisfaction, Feedbackstr provides you with reliable data for the continuous improvement of service quality. With the help of Feedbackstr’s Touch Point Trackers, improving any and all aspects of your business is an absolute breeze. Make targeted improvements based on the feedback you receive and turn customers, employees, or partners into your most powerful promoters. Better service quality, more customers, more success!

Feedbackstr, a product of Spectos GmbH, was launched in January 2013 in Dresden, Germany by the Founder & CEO, Niels Delater.

Feedbackstr Facts

  • What does Feedbackstr do?

    Feedbackstr enables companies of all sizes to continuously and reliably measure customer, employee and partner feedback. Through the use of touch point trackers, which consist of two quick questions, businesses receive more feedback than ever before. Customers can always find the time to quickly fill out the two questions.

    By securing more feedback, businesses have more information to use to improve their service quality, attract more customers, and increase their revenue. Companies who use Feedbackstr turn the feedback they receive from customers into effective improvements to improve exactly what really matters to customers.

  • What are touch point trackers?

    Touch point trackers are the quickest & most effective solution for collecting feedback. They consist of only 2 questions:

    • 5-star rating for measuring service quality
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the determining recommendation rate.

    A comment & email field are also included for customers who would like to submit individual opinions and/or receive a response to their feedback.

    Due to its brief nature, customers can always find the time to give you their feedback, supplying you with more information to better manage your business with.

  • For which types of businesses is Feedbackstr the right solution?

    Feedbackstr is designed for all businesses looking to monitor or improve their service quality. From local restaurants and cafes to large-scale franchises and renowned automobile brands – Feedbackstr is used in all types of industries and atmospheres.

    See a list of some of our largest customers here. 

  • Which features & benefits are included in my account?

    Your Feedbackstr account includes all of the useful features & characteristics you need to easily & quickly achieve these and other individual goals:

    • View results in your Cockpit in real time for instant knowledge & shortened reaction times
    • Direct way of communicating with customers (not another platform)
    • Discover how customers truly perceive & interact with individual touch points in your company
    • Receive Specific Feedback about each touch point for targeted improvements
    • Evaluate results according to individually defined KPIs (5-star, NPS) in real time, day by day.
    • Use the built-in to-do system to assign tasks to all employees
  • How does Feedbackstr differ from review platforms such as Tripadvisor or Yelp?

    Opinions on review platforms are readily available to the general public. It may be possible that specific opinions are posted on such sites to enhance or harm the overall impression of a company. In contrast to these platforms, the responses to Feedbackstr trackers are not available to the public, meaning opinions cannot be manipulated.

  • Who’s the brain behind Feedbackstr?

    Feedbackstr is a product of Spectos GmbH in Dresden. The company was founded in 2001 and has become one of Europe’s leading institutes for quality monitoring. Founder and CEO of Spectos is Niels Delater.