Manage Better With Feedback

Easily implement a simple enterprise feedback management system and improve your service quality day by day.

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What are the benefits of an enterprise feedback management system?

Improve service quality

Attract new customers

Increase sales

Customer feedback is vital for the success & financial security of all businesses. Improve service quality daily & manage your business better by continuously receiving and acting on genuine feedback from real, paying customers. Simple enterpise feedback management!

% of customers agree that

Negative reviews influence purchasing decisions

2-Question Touch Point Trackers

Start receiving actionable feedback immediately with our touch point trackers. Consisting of only 2 questions, filling out touch point trackers is as quick & fun for customers as evaluating the results is for you. Secure yourself instant results and achieve your individual goals in no time.

  • Instant knowledge of overall performance, day by day
  • Customizable KPIs to track your individual growth
  • Guaranteed insight into what customers really want
  • Improved internal communication with to-do lists
  • Strengthen your loyal, satisfied customer base
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Learn how great brands use feedback to improve

Instant Knowledge, Online & Offline

Touch point trackers work well in any environment & situation along the customer journey. Incorporate these wonder-workers into all online & offline touch points and start truly understanding customer behavior.

Discover how customers really perceive & interact with the individual touch points in your company:

  • Online touch points: company website, social networks, live chat, emails, or customer newsletters
  • Offline touch points: in store at points of sales/high-traffic areas, flyers, menus/catalogs, or hotlines

Improve With Customer Feedback

Collecting & turning feedback into effective improvements to satisfy customers is a breeze with Feedbackstr’s trusted touch point trackers. Start feeling the difference today & profit from the following aspects and more:

  • Improved service quality & overall performance
  • Happier customers that keep coming back
  • Increased sales & customer satisfaction
  • More positive online reviews & recommendations
  • Leading status in the industry

Implementation With Expert Support

Our enterprise feedback management experts will be there every step of the way during the implementation phase and will gladly assist you with the design of your enterprise feedback management system, enabling you to get started immediately with your new system.

  • Your personal consultant
  • Customized EFM system design
  • Touch point analysis in your company
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Conduct a pilot project
  • System roll out in your company

Individual Support

We’re here for you and your team whenever you need us. We provide continuous professional support to ensure that your enterprise feedback management system always runs like it’s supposed to.

  • Technical support in multiple languages
  • Ongoing support & training for employees
  • Supplementary face-to-face campaigns
  • Additional provision of call center services
  • Ticket & comment processing

Enterprise Feedback Management Guide

The Enterprise Feedback Management Guide explains how companies benefit from the use of enterprise feedback management systems (EFM), and how to implement and run an EFM system in your own company.

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Who is already using Feedbackstr?

From local restaurants and cafes to large-scale franchises and renowned automobile brands – our simple enterprise feedback management system is backed & recognized by many as the best method for keeping fit in the fast moving business world. We turned our customers into our most powerful endorsers by listening to their feedback – something you can start doing today, too!